Photo Tour

Photography Expeditions

Take your camera and come to join photographic excursions, to discover exciting destinations together with professional photographers – drivers from the Phototour team.

Photographic trips for all levels of photographers to make the most of your photographic capabilities.


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​In Photo tour we are a group of photographers who, through different paths, reached a common point which is no other than our love for photography and shooting. Our main desire is to revisit through our photo lenses historic places of unique beauty, and other locations that most people ignore.
We touch peaks, walking through rough and remote paths and lead us to monasteries, built many centuries ago. We meet rivers and beaches, away from the noisy cities. We visit picturesque villages, untouched from time and evolution, and we come close to their people and their life style, shooting unique moments of their everyday life.​
What we want to achieve is to share all these experiences through the routes of images together with people who equally love the art of photography, either as professionals or as amateurs.
We create groups of photo excursions in order to see and reinvent the beauty of nature and living creatures.​
Our desire is each participant to see these places in their real dimension, through a different eye… their photographic eye. This will be also achieved thanks to the workshops designed by our team. These will cover technical aspects of photography, information about the historic significance of the visited location and, of course, interaction among the participants.

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